Hi, Under each image in your demo, there is a different category listed such as �blog� or �grid�. Is there a way to remove these words from under the images on the front page? Thanks.Also I would like to put a price under each picture, in a different font. Is there a way to do that?

if you just want to remove category name from bricks, and don't want to touch template files, you can paste this into "Custom CSS" textarea (Theme settings -> Style):

.brick-meta > a{ display: none; }

If you would like the add something, like price for instance, you would have to change some of the template files. Luckily that isn't complicated and there are couple of ways to achive that. Here is the easier one:

You could override function which prints box meta (category name and comment number). That functions is called 'pukka_box_meta' and it is located in sympagrid/pukka/modules/grid-layout/include/functions.php . The function is pluggable, which means that you could activate child theme and just copy -> paste it into child theme's functions.php file (and that copy will be used instead). That way you can delete part that prints category name and add price.