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Homepage thumbnails / floating excerpt


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    Felix started the conversation


    maybe I'm missing something, but I'm trying to set up my homepage similar to the personal layout shown in the demo.

    I created a new page, made it my static homepage, added the pukka_posts code ([pukka_posts layout="medium-thumb" count="10" load_more="on"]) to show the list of posts and managed to setup the featured image on top with some text in the middle.

    The issue that I have is that 1) the thumbnails of my post are not square and that 2) the excerpt is floating around the thumbnail so that the read more button ends up under the image.

    What I'm looking for would basically be square thumbnails and the text next to it so that it does not warp around the image but stays left-aligned.

    To fix the thumbnail problem I already regenerated all the thumbnails using the plugin mentioned in other posts which did not fix the problem.

    To eliminate the floating text I tried to add some custom css styles but could not figure out which element to adjust (tried some fixed padding/margins but that also moved the image)

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    Marko replied

    Hi Felix,

    would you mind sharing a link to your website and WP login credentials (you can share them here, just mark your reply as private)?

    If you were pasting shortcode from our documentation please paste in the editor when in plain text mode ( http://prntscr.com/dzp1cy ). Sometimes some extra tags are pasted as well which can mess up the layout.


  •   Felix replied privately
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    Marko replied

    Hi Felix,

    I've taken a look at your website and here is what is causing the problem:

    Upon upload WP creates thumbnails of various sizes from "Featured image" which you upload. For the post layout you're using the thumbnail which is created is 400x400px.

    Problem is that WP will never upscale image in case it's smaller then needed and that's exactly what is causing the problem. Your images are smaller, for example: http://felix.rohrba.ch/de/files/2013/03/susihiihto.jpg
    (it's only 291px high)

    For featured images use images which are at least 400x400px  and square thumbnail will be generated.


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    Felix replied

    Hi Marko,

    your explanation totally makes sense. I will just go ahead and re-upload a larger version of these images then.

    Thanks for your help!