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    Andrea started the conversation

    I have a problem with the button "Load More Post":when I click it loads the posts that are scheduled. I would show only those already published. How can I do?

    I also have to apologize for not responding to a ticket opened in December, about the possibility of adding the year to the date of the post. You had respond to me asking if I know how to program and if I know what a child theme is. I know to program a little and what the child theme is, but I don't know what does change from the current theme to it. Is this the only way to change the date format?


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    Marko replied

    Hi Andrea,

    that shouldn't happen for sure. Can you share your WP login credentials so I can take a closer look?
    You can share them here, just mark your reply as private.

    As for your other question, you'll need to:

    1. Activate child theme
    2. copy "pukka_entry_meta" function from parent theme's functions.php file to child theme's functions.php file
    3. make modification in the copied file

    The modification is quite simple, you just need to add "Y" like here: http://prntscr.com/efnxe9

    Activating child theme and copying file is necessary in order to your changes don't get lost when theme is updated. If you have any problems with that just share your FTP credentials as well and I can do it for you.