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Image swap on product. Also, after update mouseover a product and it disappears.


  •   Kevin started the conversation
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    Marko replied

    Hi Kevin,

    do you mind sharing your WP and FTP credentials so I can take a closer look?
    You can share theme here just mark your reply as private.

    Also, if you have backup ready I can update theme in your behalf.


  •   Kevin replied privately
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    Marko replied

    Hello Kevin,

    I've updated UberShop to the latest version. I don't see any black borders or product image missing, so that should be good.

    Most likely the issue was caused by you updating theme via FTP but not removing previous version. In the mean time we've removed many WooCommerce template files which is noted here: http://prntscr.com/f5utw1
    And in readme.txt file as well: http://www.picaflorcollection.com/wp-content/themes/ubershop/readme.txt

    Also, I've inspected your "Custom CSS" field, it looks like last statement isn't closed (which makes it invalid): http://prntscr.com/f5usun

    As for variable product image not changing, I see that very old WooCommerce version is used, do you mind updating it?


  • Kevin replied

    Thanks Marko

    I didn't think to delete the theme before uploading via ftp as I can't see it isn't mentioned in the documentation. I just assumed the files would no longer be called.

    After updating woocommerce the layout was different (included weight labels for the product etc) and the images in the gallery didn't display correctly. The image still didn't change when selecting the colour/size variation either.

    Woocommerce was complaining about outdated template files too. So I double checked to see if the files were still in the theme after you updated :P ... they were so I just renamed them. Apart from missing labels on the checkout page, which I've corrected, all seems to be working again :)

    Good spot with the custom CSS. I'd cut and pasted it a few times so probably missed it when copying back one final time. It was still working though but no longer required as the mouseover worked correctly after you updated the theme so I've deleted it now.

    I'd guess the outdated template files were probably to blame for the issues experienced in this case. It might be worth noting in the documentation as I'll probably forget by the next time I update :D  

    I have noted that woocommerce is still complaining about one template being outdated; 

    ubershop/woocommerce/cart/cart.php version 2.3.8 is out of date. The core version is 3.0.3, 

    Is this anything to worry about? 


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    Marko replied

    Hello Kevin,

    we don't make many changes with template files, but we've agreed to gradually reduce Woo template files as much as possible. So in last year we remove several of them with each update.

    In general deleting theme or a plugin before updating isn't required, but many theme and plugin authors advise it as that you're sure that latest files are used.

    As for cart.php file, we've checked all files before releasing latest update and cart.php file should also be updated (we've might missed to update it's version). I'll re-check with our developers and we'll release an update if needed. You don't have to worry If everything works fine on you cart page