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Show pagination or load more in home page


  • Daniel Sanchez started the conversation

    Don't show all post in home page of blog, or pagination number to select and navigate or button to load more posts.

    How can i enable this function?

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    Marko replied


    can you tell how you've inserted posts on your front page?

    I presume you've added them using a shortcode? If so try changing 'infinite_scroll' paremeter to 'on. For example:

    [posts infinite_scroll="on"]

    If that doesn't solve the issue I would need your WP login credentials in order to take a closer look. You can share them here just mark your reply as private.


  • Daniel Sanchez replied


    Thank you so much, it's right now!

    My shortcode in home page is: [posts column="3" infinite_scroll="on"]

    But i prefer pagination, have this option to include?

    Where i can see the shortcodes of Uber Blog to use in website?

    Congratulations for Uber Blog theme, i'm happy with him. 

    I'm waiting, thanks!

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    Marko replied


    I'm glad to hear you like UberBlog

    Regarding the 'pagination', I'm sorry but currently it's not possible to add pagination when using shortcode. This is because there can be multiple [posts] shortcodes on the page and then it simply wouldn't work. But we've received couple of similar requests so might change this in the future versions.

    Documentation file, which includes shortcode description, should be in the ZIP file you've downloaded from ThemeForest but there is also an online version as well: http://demo.pukkathemes.com/uberblog/documentation/